Monitoring and Evaluation Volunteer at Farm Radio International

Employment Type: Volunteer

Reports to: Radio Officer

Length of Contract: April 1 2021 to February 26, 2022
Farm Radio is implementing a short duration project for the German international development agency, GIZ, Green Innovation Center GIAE. The project will use a variety of strategies to increase awareness, knowledge and uptake of good agricultural, nutrition, health and gender equality practices.
The project will be executed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, which means that distance methods, not just for broadcasting but also for design and training, will be at the forefront.
Organisational Context
Farm Radio International is a Canadian organisation that has been working since 1979 to harness the power of radio to meet the needs of small-scale farmers.
We work with more than 1,000 radio organizations located in more than 40 African countries to fight poverty and food insecurity. With the benefit of FRI resources and training, our broadcasting partners deliver practical, relevant, and timely information to tens of millions of farmers, including women farmers.
We also work with a range of partners to implement radio projects that address specific development challenges and community needs.
Job Description
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) volunteers are responsible for monitoring and evaluating radio programs, calling radio stations regularly to give reminders and support, as well as working in collaboration with the Radio Officer to resolve problems on-site and support radio program implementation. Below are the main tasks required from an FRI Monitoring and Evaluation volunteer in the framework of the Radio for Green Innovation at Scale REGIS project.
Execute radio craft responsibilities for Radio for Green Innovation at Scale REGIS Project.
Under the supervision of the Radio Officer, ensure that all Radio-Craft components of the REGIS project are delivered effectively and to the highest standards.
Quality Assurance:
Ensure that all REGIS radio episodes broadcast by Selected Radio in your State are uploaded to Uliza Log within one week of broadcasting
Using Uliza Log and to monitor and evaluate all REGIS episodes broadcast by Radio located in your State to ensure they are in-line with: FRI VOICE quality standards, FRI Good, Better, Best (GBB) evaluation criteria, and program design documents
In collaboration with the Radio Officer and on weekly basis, ensure that all weekly episodes are aired according to the program outline
The Volunteer is to call each radio station at least one hour in advance of the scheduled broadcasting time to ensure that arrangements are made for resource persons and gender consideration is confirmed

Alert the Radio Officer to any issue in program quality including but not limited to:
Power outages, poor signal, or other technical issues
Changes to or omission of agreed-upon content as set out in the program design document
Comments which are against FRI policies (such as the Gender Equality policy)
Failure of the radio station to meet FRI Good, Better, Best (GBB) evaluation criteria and/or FRI VOICE quality standards, including the respect and promotion of gender equality
Failure to acknowledge FRI, GIAE, and GIZ, in a given episode
Following the guidance of and in collaboration with the Radio Officer, offer support, coaching, and follow up, in-person or remotely, to selected Radio stations as necessary. ---Support, coaching, and follow up to be provided to the radio station might include:
Verification of issues at the radio stations such as break downs, power outages, etc.) and communication of said issues to the Radio Officer to achieve resolution
Supporting broadcasters’ use of Uliza Log
Providing relevant FRI resources from to broadcasters to support the production of REGIS Program episodes and/or help orient broadcasters on the usage and navigation of

Provide regular updates to the Radio Officer as requested and/or appropriate
Support project coordination activities for REGIS project
Monitoring, Learning, Evaluation, and Reporting:
Support regular reporting processes undertaken by the Radio Officer
Take pictures of project processes and results for use in reports and communications
Collaborate with the FRI communication team to document project impact/success stories to be shared online and in regular reporting processes
Support the Radio Craft Officer as requested in the coordination, execution, and logistics of field visits to the State
Listen and share questions recorded on the uliza poll with agricultural extensions officers
Translate and transcribe all audio voices on Uliza poll under the REGIS project each week
Help Record content for DI interactive platforms.
In-station training:
Support the Radio Craft Officer as requested in the coordination, execution, and logistics of in-station training for the selected radio station for each State:
Undergo orientation processes

Be available for orientation processes in March
Be available to begin the role immediately thereafter
The minimum academic qualification is at least Diploma or first Degree
1+ year experience in radio and/or communication for development programming
Experience in quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation
Knowledge and experience in gender equality and women’s rights
Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
Knowledge of information Communication Technology (ICT)
Knowledge of the local language will be an asset

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