BO RAN Engineer at MacTay Consulting

Job Description
The main duties of a RAN TL include providing support and guidance on RAN Network Elements and maintaining network elements by providing remote and onsite assistance if required.
RAN TL should also be ableto perform network analysis to troubleshoot issues and coordinate communications between the customer, other operations domain and field team for the resolution of an E2E issue in the network.

Following are the standard job responsibilities of a RANWireless TL:
High-Level customer engagement on Network level KPIs and faults.
Coordinating team members for efficient and timely faults resolution on the RAN network.
Inter-domain coordination for E2E network faults resolution.
Higher-level support for team members on technical issues.
Organizing and coordinating training for team members and other domains on new features and competence domains.
To solve UTRAN technical issues, working with radio planning as required.
To organize coordinate training for the field team, on new hardware and competence domains.
To provide support and guidance to customers for operations and maintenance of network elements.
To coordinate the communications between customer, operation’s team, and field support system.
Develop and coordinate a concise Preventive maintenance and backup schedule for RAN NEs, with field support.
Fully own and drive major RAN KPIs, viz Cell Outage, VSWR, Network Alarms, TCH, WCL to customer acceptable minimum.
Candidates should possess a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) qualification.

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